Document Solutions

Smart Business Systems is an authorized Ricoh and Toshiba partner providing comprehensive printing solutions from reproduction, large format printing, archiving as well as content management. We also offer a wide range of products catering for every clients environment.



With colour printing, consistency is key. After all, why should the colour you printed yesterday be any different when you print them today? The importance of consistency is underlined when you consider that the more you use something noticeable – colour – the more you notice when it isn´t right. Consistent colour, time after time.



When it comes to multi-functional products (MFPs), we provide the industry’s most comprehensive line of award-winning low to high volume devices. These fully featured copy-centric units can be upgraded with optional print, scan and fax functions that improve the workflow and efficiency of any size business.



A business relationship isn’t something you usually have with a printer, but this is precisely what you can expect from TOSHIBA printers. The TOSHIBA printer range is built on years of experience developing technology that gives businesses worldwide an edge in cost-effective productivity. They aren’t simply machines that sit in a corner, they are dependable partners that are in it for the long-term.



Our range of large format products produce up to A0 size drawings with outstanding 600-1200dpi image resolution and low cost of operation. These systems can copy, print and scan high quality drawings efficiently and cost-effectively. All products are standard with one media roll with an option to add a second

Document management


Using our wide range of document management solutions and by intergrating one of our aware winning multifucntionals we can automate your work-flows and streamline your document process’s.

We offer the following document solutions


Content management

Cost accounting




An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) email and document management system has the potential to transform your business to make it more competitive.

The average employee spends about 35% of their time looking through email, electronic and paper documents trying to find information they need to complete their work.

M-Files Enterprise Content Management is a comprehensive system that manages your company’s documents: email, invoices, contracts and other documents to make them available for all authorised people at any time and from any location.

M-Files integrates directly with the Windows Explorer interface – so there’s no learning curve. You can access documents and drag and drop files into and out of M-Files in seconds.

Searching for information in M-Files is simple, efficient and very fast. Search by document name, customer, document type, keyword, and more.

PSI:Capture software can capture data from the most involved documents and enables scanned documents to be integrated with M-Files.

Sharp Multi-Functional Printers can be easily configured with a shortcut icon on the device’s console to scan documents directly into M-Files.